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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 24, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> yeah. >> books for christmas? what the heck is that? [ laughter ] >> i don't get books. that's not toys. that's books. i don't get books for christmas. >> you don't get books for christmas? >> no. i say this. >> bret: monster pajamas, he was really angry. special all-panel christmas eve show tomorrow night. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced, we like folks the factor is next. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight. >> it's the best moments of the great american news quiz. >> bill: you guys aren't going to walk out on me, are you. >> we might. don't particular us -- tick us off. >> bill: martha maccallum. you won without cheating. steve doocy.
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>> this is what we have been waiting for. >> bill: and i your humble correspondent all join you for the next hour of trivia, history, pop culture and fun facts that will make you the life of the party. >> yahoo. >> bill: it is the great american news quiz factor style. >> that would be false. >> bill: you win! [ laughter ] >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the fact for begins right now. ♪ >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. we're going to have some fun. a special hour of the great american news quiz. we begin this evening with the quiz kids themselves, steve doocy and martha maccallum and a few of the more memorable rounds. ladies of "the view" were not very happy with me, as you know, saying muslims killed us on 9/11, particularly joy behar and
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whoopi goldberg who said this. >> and i know he was invited here. i understand that. but, sometimes, you know, it's enough for me. and i'm not the greatest person in the world. i don't walk on water. but i had enough. and as soon as i said the "b" word, i knew to get up and leave. because i knew what was coming next was i was going to cuss him out. >> bill: all right. now for what movie did whoopi goldberg win an academy award? >> bill: the answer is c, ghost. >> bill: did she cuss anybody out? >> no. left the room first. >> bill: this week joe miller up in alaska was talking about illegal immigration in the campaign stop. what he said raised some eyebrows. >> very very able to reduce the
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flow now obviously other things were involved we have the capacity to, as a great obviously secure our border. if east germany could do it we could do it. >> bill: what year did the berlin wall fall? the answer is, b, correct. i was there. ' 9. >> you were there when the east germans walked out. >> bill: question number 3, tie. hot again, this week tom bosley of happy days died after a battle with lung cancer. weighs 83. >> i can't get this thing open. >> you must have loosened it for me. >> hi mrs. c, hi mr. c. >> were you expecting pots is i. >> no dad. >> good boy. >> father promised to pick me up after school one day but his car wouldn't start so he carried me on his back. >> i was in better shape then.
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>> bill: who lived in the apartment over the cunningham's garage? >> bill: answer is c the fonz. all right, two questions to go. here is question number four. christine o'donnell has not picked up much traction so far in her delaware senate campaign but her witch comments continue to remain fodder for parody on shows such as "saturday night live" and the internet. what 80's icon recently spoofed ms. o'donnell. >> bill: roll the tape. >> i'm not a witch. i'm nothing you've heard. i'm you. except for w. bigger [bleep] and though i come pretty damn close, none of russ perfect. >> bill: that was a bigger brain. brain was what she was.
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>> brains. >> bill: you were right. it is now a tie with one to go. question number five regis philbim has been in show business a long time. he had a storied career because of moments like this. >> letterman, going around the corner and i was sitting alone. >> regis is going to introduce me to dave letterman. >> yeah. >> where is dave. >> nobody here? >> dave, dave. >> bill: no truth to the rumor they were both arrested. now, regis got his first break as the sidekick to whom? was regis the sidekick too? >> the answer is b, joey bishop.
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here is question number one, they get it up on the prompter i can read it hey, there it is. [ laughter ] connecticut attorney general richard blumenthal came under fire this week after it was revealed he had lied about serving in vietnam. >> now, on a few occasions, i have misspoken about my service, and rye get -- regret that and i take full responsibility. i will not allow anyone to take a few misplaced words and impugn my record of service to our country. >> bill: all right. now according to the "new york times," what else did blumenthal bend the truth about?
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>> steve: maybe beer hunter. >> bill: cards up please and the answer is yes, according to friends in of blumenthal he does not know thousand swim it wasn't blumenthal's fault that was slate magazine who did that. it's run by a 7-year-old. >> sounds reliable. blumenthal cannot even swim but somehow he was the harvard swim team captain. >> swimming not required. >> bill: you both got it right which is embarrassing which means the question was too easy. remember chandra levy and congressman gather gary condit was a suspect. >> i don't know why they would be suspicious of me. i like shawndra, she was my friend. i was very fond of her. next to them and family members, i'm the next guy in line who would like to see her back. >> bill: so great to see him again isn't it, ladies and gentlemen? what is notable about the man charged in ms. levy's murder now? he was chandra's college professor?
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>> bill: is he an illegal immigrant. you only get one. only one card and not that too. >> and this too. >> that's how we do it. >> they thought he might have be involved in other things. >> bill: i hope everyone is noticing doocy's pocket hankie. >> please don't talk about the pocket hankie, you don't want know. >> bill: cnn's campbell brown announces she is leaving her job because the ratings aren't that good. what was her previous job. >> hey, jamie, can i just say also thank you for leaving my elvis painting up? your elvis paint something absolutely salvaged. actually, basically the idea is that you want to have things that make you happy. >> it was a gift from lester. i mean, how could we throw that
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out? >> bill: nice picture. okay. so you both got that right. did you get it right? you are not cheating, are you? >> no. >> bill: doocy is ahead by one. we have two questions to go. i'm old and the cards and the tape and the teleprompter it's too much. >> why did she leave nbc. >> because she wanted to go to cnn. >> how did that work out? >> not very well. >> bill: california is experimenting with medical marijuana. >> am i driving okay? >> i think we're parked. >> bill: just came from the clinic. they have back pain. according to npr pot growers in california have started panicking because of what?
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>> bill: the answer is d. the prices are too low. >> what? pot's on sale? >> what? >> bill: if you look in alternative newspapers like 90,000 of these places. one question to go. doocy is ahead by one. here it is on this day may 20th, 1993, the classic sitcom cheers had its final show after 1 seasons. >> you couldn't get to first base. >> first base, nothing? i can hit a home run. >> wow, come on. hit a home run? >> in fact by midnight tonight can i get a kiss. >> a kiss, huh? >> is that what you meant by home run. >> yeah, sure, what else could it be? >> i thought you meant go all the way. >> you mean marry her? >> bill: which cheers character did not appear on the first program? the answer did s.d, correct.
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coming up, george clooney, helen thomas and miley cyrus as the best of the news quiz continuess i think someone at my friend's school has this thing called autism. my friend's brother's son has autism. my neighbor's son has autism. my son has autism. announcer: autism is getting closer to home. today, 1 in 110 children is diagnosed with autism--
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michigan and then we're going to washington, d.c. to take back the white house. ah! >> bill: i would vote for him, wouldn't you? in which city did the infamous dean scream occur? >> bill: the answer is des moines. >> i knew it was iowa. >> i knew it was iowa or new
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hampshire. >> i got the state right. >> bill: it doesn't matter what you thought. you got it wrong. i'm starting to sympathize with the factor viewers. question number two, diane sawyer recently took over for charles gibson on world news. sawyer worked in the office of which president in her early years? richard nixon is correct. that was an easy one. just wanted to get back in the groove. >> warming up again. >> bill: we have a really hard one coming up. is this one is? no, it's the next one, 4 is really hard. here is question number 3. which news anchor -- i love this, ended the year, 2009, by describing americans as a very angry people?
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and the answer is, roll the tape. >> i think when people are struggling, that sometimes they need a place to vent their rage and to channel their rage. and i think -- i feel like right now in many ways we are a very angry nation. >> i'm angry now. >> bill: i'm not. you guys should be angry because you got it wrong. it's tied. >> i'm not angry. >> bill: you don't really care maccallum about this? >> i hadn't heard katie couric say that. i hadn't heard that. >> bill: that's why the quiz is here to inform you. >> maybe you at home had and maybe you got it right. >> are you talking to your replacement now? >> bill: this is the hard one. now you have got two easy ones wrong. imagine what this is going to be. question number 4. james cameron's "avatar" has already grossed more than a billion dollars. >> out there is the true world and here is the dream.
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>> you have to leave or you are gonna die. >> they have sent us a message that they can take whatever they want. we can send them a message that this is our land. >> bill: sigourney weaver, "avatar" co-star stored in what cameron flick where the aliens weren't so nice? >> bill: cards up, please. hard one, i told you. come on, doocy. get the card up. >> in space no one can hear you scream. >> bill: aliens. >> yikes. >> nobody knows. >> bill: nobody knows, maccallum? i guarantee you out there. look, our stage manager knew. >> where the hell were you? help us out over here. >> bill: good news is even though you don't know anything, you are still tied.
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here is the last question. sandra bullock was recently nominated for golden globe award for best actress in her role in blind side a movie about a true football player. >> tony here is your quarterback. all right? you protect his blind side. when you think of him you think of me how you have his back, how you have his. all right? >> yes, ma'am. >> bill: what team does michaelor play? who does he play for? the answer is baltimore ravens. >> it's a tie. >> bill: coming later, doocy can't remember what time the factor is on. and we mock him for it. >> we will be watching tonight at 9:00 eastern. >> 8:00 eastern. >> no, i'm going to be watching at 9:00. at 9:00. >> you are a a pinhead that's i'm hugh jidette. as president, i promise your taxes will help build roads, bridges and schools. oh not here, overseas.
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>> back of the book segment tonight, the great american news quiz. you guys aren't going to walk out on me, are you. >> we might. don't tick us off. >> bill: okay. doocy, you can. [ laughter ] here is question number one, george clooney visited the white house to address the genocide crisis in darfur. >> we have 90 days to do this. it doesn't cost a dime or any lives. at this moment there is an opportunity here to negotiate this. to negotiate a peace treaty. it's complicated and difficult and it means negotiating with people you don't necessarily like and you don't necessarily get along with. >> bill: darfur is a region of which african country? cards up, please, the answer is correct sudan. here is question number two, during debate this week jerry brown had a little trouble
5:22 am
defending his aide's wore comments about political rival meg whitman. >> we have heard no outrage about the use of that kind of language which to many women is the same as calling an african-american the "n" word. have you been in charge of the investigation of your campaign? >> i don't agree with that comparison, number one. number two, this is a five week old private conversation picked up on a cell phone with a garbled transmission very hard to detect who it is. >> bill: meg whitman made her fortune as the ceo of what tech company? cards up, please. the answer is, yes. ebay. they are both hot tonight. two for two. it's tied with three to go. in a radio interview this week. former white house correspondent helen thomas denied being anti-semitic. >> and the one thing i want to clear up right here right now out of your own mouth and then i
5:23 am
don't want to talk about that anymore is people have called you an anti-semite. helen, what -- how do you respond to that? >> i have never been anti-semitic. i'm a semite. they are not. >> bill: i don't know who they are. i'm sure there are some semites in the world. when helen thomas says she is a semite. she is referring to her arab heritage. her parents were immigrants from what country? that is correct, lebanon. very impressive. all right. three for three, two to go. here is question number four, it was revealed this week that apple has patented a new technology that allows parents to block their kids from doing what with their cell phones? cards up, please. the answer is d, sexting. >> i wish it were a, driving. that would be good. >> bill: we all wish what you
5:24 am
wish, ms. martha but you were desperately wrong. >> they should come up with that. don't you think? >> bill: still tied with one question to go. 17-year-old miley cyrus raising eyebrows with a racey new music video ♪ when you search my head ♪ i go crazy, yeah ♪ who owns my heart? ♪ is it love or is it art? >> bill: a little like aba. just hit me. >> aba wore clothes. >> bill: miley previously got in trouble for doing a suggestive pole dance at what event? and the answer is the teen choice awards. it is a tie. >> it's a tie. >> bill: need a tie breaker. okay. true or false, maccallum, the last miner to emerge from the chilean situation, carried a copy of my book, pinheads and patriots. >> that would be false. >> bill: you win!
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>> what? are you kidding me? this is rigged. >> that was a hard question. >> bill: doocy, good try. doocy is walking off. >> i am not walking off. i'm storming off. >> bill: coming up, i stumped george stephanopoulos on good hi, anne. how are you doing? hi, evelyn. i know it's been a difficult time since your mom passed away. yeah. i miss her a lot, but i'm okay. wow. that was fast. this is the check i've been waiting for. mom had a guaranteed acceptance life insurance policy through the colonial penn program, and this will really help with the cost of her final expenses. they have been so helpful and supportive during this time. maybe i should give them a call. i really could use some more life insurance. is it affordable? it costs less t that's pretty affordable, huh? less than 35 cents a day? that's less than the cost of a postage stamp.
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over 6 million people have called about this quality insurance. there's no risk or obligation. call about the colonial penn program now. you'll be glad you did. >> bill: back ever the book segment tonight, great american news quiz quiz kids themselves
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martha maccallum and steve doocy. last week ms. martha won, i kind of fudged it in her direction. >> kind of? >> bill: it will be three months. i have got to give her a break. here we go with the quiz for tonight. number one. >> oh, no. >> bill: doosie had a gaffe earlier this week when he had trouble remembering the starting time of this program. >> thank you, mr. o'reilly we will be watching tonight at 9:00 eastern. >> 8:00 eastern. >> i will be watching at :00. >> you are a pinhead that's why. you want to know what a pinhead is. >> that's what you do pinheads and patriots. >> wait, wait. can i get doocy on the cover? >> bill: there you go. doocy obviously confused. we all know that however, i wasn't always on at 8:00 p.m. when the o'reilly report debuted on fnc in '96 what time did it air? karzai up, please. and the answer is b, 6:00 p.m.
5:29 am
you know who was on 8:00? catherine krier, everybody. i hope she is doing well. i sat down this week with george stephanopoulos to promote my new book "pinheads and patriots." what the president is selling upper tier is going to have to be responsible for the tax revenue primarily and the other people will get a tax cut. he is saying, look, i don't really care about these people who earn a lot of money, but, you know, i want to help you. i think that's a class warfare. >> $700 billion in costs there that we can't afford. >> bill: who imposed those costs? george who? >> he did. >> bill: back when stephanopoulos worked for bill clinton he was reportedly the inspiration for a character in the 1995 movie the american president. what actor played stephanopoulos in the film? cards up, please.
5:30 am
roll the tape for the answer. >> we're not going to say at 41 the numbers are going to go back up. but they are going to go back up. all right, george, congressman, congressman jaryd, look, george, listen to me, it's crunch time. it's personal. it's one of those moments. it's just you and the president. now, what's it going to be? >> bill: michael j. fox, doocy got it right. maccallum got it wrong. in chile, 33 miners have been trapped underground for more than a month following a draps in that mine. thanks to an air shaft, she have been able to receive supplies and communicate with the outside world. >> upbeat and optimistic the 33 trapped miners gave the world a 45-minute video tour of their living space for the past three weeks and possibly for the next four months until they're rescued. >> bill: here is the question, this week after complaints from the miners, authorities agree to send them something they have repeatedly been requesting. what is that
5:31 am
cards up, please. and the answer is, c, cigarettes. >> in a mine? >> bill: want to smoke and blot whole thing right up. question number four, house minority leader john boehner is the man who would take nancy pelosi's job if the g.o.p. takes back the house. during a recent interview grilled boehner about what unhealthy activity the leader does. >> bill: you still smoke? >> i do. >> you have taken $340,000 from the tobacco industry. they have been the largest contributor to your political campaigns over the year. how do you square that? >> bob, tobacco is a legal product in america. the american people have a right to decide for themselves whether they want to partake or not.
5:32 am
>> bill: i bet he gets free cigarettes from those people too. >> could be a minor. >> bill: a group of liberal college students is trying to attract young people to vote democrat. they put out a youtube video telling youngsters that voting in the midterm elections would really help whom? who would it help? cards up, please. and the answer is roll the tape this isn't standard year of video asking you to vote. us asking you to vote for celebrities who can't. >> celebrities like justin bieber. [screams] >> whoever will impact his future and ours. >> notwithstanding his great head of hair, justin beeber is a citizen of canada and thus unable to vote in the united states. >> is he a tea party member, isn't he? >> saw him out there at the beck rally. legal bieber hair cut.
5:33 am
i'm lying. good copy. doocy wins by a large margin. still to come, two new contestants engage in a battle for trivia supremacy. willrebekah diamond
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. and the fun continues with this special edition of the factor the great american news quiz hour. sometimes doocy and maccallum get a breather and we have others join us on the program. check out how bill hemmer and rebekah diamond handle the quiz next. this is a major deal for you. >> i have been watching doocy get his butt kicked for years up here. >> bill: hemmer gets to stay up late and play the quiz. here is question number one. president obama held a press conference today as you know about the bp oil spill. it was his first formal press conference since last july. >> the day that the rig
5:36 am
collapsed and fell to the bottom of the ocean, i had my team in the oval office that first day. those who think that we were either slow on our response or lacked urgency, don't know the facts. >> bill: i think he is slow on talking. which presidents held the fewest solo press camps in the first term? cards up, please. the answer is hemmer scores. >> who was that reagan? >> ronald reagan. >> bill: hemmer ahead, shocking. british royal sara ferguson better known as fergie was disgraced this week when a british tabloid released video of her selling access to her husband prince andrew. >>
5:37 am
>> bill: what is prince andrew's official title over there in britain? >> she is the angle file. she knows this stuff. you want to all sing duke of earl with me? >> did you it so well. >> bill: nothing could stop the duke of earl. embarrassing. >> bill: family members of 9/11 victims were angry this week when a new york city board approved a plan to build a mosque at ground zero. >> this house of evil will be the birthplace of the next terrorist event. do not build this place. >> bill: under strict muslim law which is of the following is not printed, -- prohibited
5:38 am
>> bill: cards up, please. the answer is caffeine. hemmer up by two. if you win, she is going to hate you. >> makes me very nervous to have bill hemmer here. >> bill: question number four, mexican in the felipe calderon spoke to congress last week and slammed the arizona immigration law. >> i strongly disagree with the recently adopted law in arizona. it is a law. [ applause ] >> all right, now president calderon has what in common in the esteemed host of "the o'reilly factor"? that would be me. what do we have in common? irish ancestry, childhood in left town new york, best selling authors. degree from haferred's jfk
5:39 am
school? what do we have in common? president calderon and o'reilly? what do we have? the answer is correct degree from harvard's jfk school. >> i thought maybe he had one irish ancestor. >> bill: i bet you he didn't pay for it i bet you the government of mexico paid for it i paid for mine and it cost too much. the last question -- hemmer has won. this is just to save march that's reputation. a new ad from an african-american running for congress has a republican causing quite a stir. >> this is a story of two young men, one fell with in left wing radicals. american hating baptizing children others defend this country. i love america. president obama is ashamed of it i'm going to congress to help him stop him from destroying our nation and they're not going to call me a racist. i'm les philip i took an oath to defend against enemies foreign
5:40 am
and doe domestic. >> bill: g.o.p. hasn't had a black member congress since 2003. who was the that black republican? hemmer, get them all right? >> i what been dying to get on jeopardy. i was 5 for 5. doocy is fired diamond, do you have any clue what this is about? i know they just grabbed you in the hallway. do you have any clue? >> i have no clue but i'm worried. especially because the judge said out in the green room that doocy has the questions already. i didn't get the questions. >> i have the answers. i don't have the questions. >> bill: doocy cheats. all you have got to do is get the cards up fast. that's all we ask here. here is question number one. the cable network cnn celebrated 0th anniversary last
5:41 am
week. here is founder ted turner launching the network. >> for the american people whose thirst for understanding and better life has made this venture possible, i dedicate the news channel for america. a cable news network. >> bill: what's what an exciting guy. what year did fox news pass cnn as the number one cable news channel? what year? cards up, please. doocy, you are wrong. if you were right i would have disqualified you. 2002, c. >> we thought it was sooner than that. >> bill: diamond got it wrong and doocy got it wrong. >> the bosses of fnc note their answer. >> he we thought it was number one from from the get-go. >> bill: "american idol" number one season.
5:42 am
two other shows were number one in the ratings for five straight seasons. cosby show was one of them. what are others? >> bill: cards up, please. here is the answer. >> why don't you take a short walk on a long pier. >> you can't even get that right. it's to take a long walk on a short pier. [ laughter ] >> then do that. >> bill: all right. now both diamond and doocy were wrong again. >> i'm a meat head. >> bill: now i don't have to say it. all right. it's pinhead now, meat head is obsolete. after 50 years of covering the white house helen thomas abruptly retired amidst the fallout of controversial remarks about israel. >> any comments on israel? we're asking everybody today. >> tell them to get the hell out
5:43 am
of palestine. these people are occupied and it's their land, not german. it's not poland's. >> where should they go? what should they do? >> they should go home. >> bill: praying for the right answer here, ladies and gentlemen. what was helen's nickname among fellow white house press corps. what was her nickname? >> the answer is a, sitting buddha. [ laughter ] >> i was going to say that. >> bill: now we have a situation where we have had three questions, no right answers. >> oh my goodness. >> rough week. >> bill: i know they are going to turn it around quickly. here is question number four. according to a new national survey 65% of americans cannot name a single supreme court justice. 65%. survey says that justice steven breyer is the least well known member. only 3% know who he was. who is the most well known?
5:44 am
>> she is right. clarence thomas is the correct answer. you were wrong. >> i was wrong. >> bill: diamond is ahead. >> wow, barely. >> diamond, i'm in the rough. [ laughter ] >> bill: now i know why i don't watch you. question number five movie director james cameron says he was turned you down by bp when he offered to help them with the oil spill. expertise working under water working on what film? >> hang on, gentlemen. >> here is a bottomless pit,
5:45 am
baby, two and a half miles straight down. >> bill: 20,000 leagues under the sea. that was made in 1920. it's a tie. >> i thought he was that old. >> bill: i know you did. i'm going to give you a chance to win, diamond. 20,000 leagues under the sea who was captain nemo who played him. >> i. >> bill: no idea who played him? >> james -- juls burn. >> bill: he wrote it he didn't play them. >> carol owe conner. >> bill: james mason. >> oh yes, i forgot. >> bill: great quiz. thanks very much. get them out of here. ahead, more quizzing starring christine o'donnell and walter
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>> bill: back ever the book segment tonight, the great erican news quiz, here they
5:49 am
are, two persons of% per -- -- tie last week. here is question number one, president obama had a little mishap with the presidential seal during a speech this week. >> we cannot sustain -- whoops. [ laughter ] >> was that my -- [ laughter ] oh, goodness. that's all right. [ laughter ] >> all of you know who i am. >> bill: as glenn beck said god did that on purpose. we're not confirming or denying. on the presidential seal itself, what is in the eagle's mouth? >> bill: a. >> his mouth i thought it was in
5:50 am
his claw. >> bill: doocy has no knowledge of american history whatsoever. christine o'donnell has a new ad defending herself against the witchcraft charges. >> i'm not a witch. i'm nothing you've heard. i'm you. none of us are perfect but none of us can be happy with what we see all around us. politicians who think spending, trading favors, and back room deals are the ways to stay in office. >> bill: ms. o'donnell did not ask ms. maccallum about none of us are perfect. in the late 1600s in salem, massachusetts more than 150 people were arrested for witchcraft. 19 of them were actually executed up there. all right? how were they executed? a, burned at the steak, drowned, stoned to death. how sale lem executed? the answer is they were hanged like cotton and his crew. >> drowned. dunked on a chair that went into the water. >> bill: that's if you fooled
5:51 am
around. if you were a witch you got hanged. got it, martha? >> question number tree, walter mondale remember him? criticized president obama's use of teleprompters. >> i think he tends to and he uses these idiot boards to read speeches in televisions and i think he loses the connection that he needs emotionally. with the american voters. >> i want to assure everybody we do not use idiot boards here. now, mondale ran for president in 1984 but lost 49 states to ronald reagan. what one state did vote for walter? that is correct, minnesota. >> his own. >> bill: you continue to lead by one with two questions to go, doocy. you are not having a good night tonight. >> sorry.
5:52 am
>> bill: doesn't look like you care. >> no, i care. >> bill: do you? >> he cares, believe me. >> bill: is he bucking up now. here is question number four, the city of deli, india currently hosting the games. using security methods methods to keep peace during those games. who or what is security for the event? >> i have got to go with the monkey. >> bill: roll the tape. >> they patrol daily by bike and on foot. and they are not to be messed with. the team of langers, a large species of monkey who like many others have been employed to work during the commonwealth games. >> bill: there you go. beck has the same monkey. actor tony curtis laid to rest this week in vegas. he starred with jack lemon in
5:53 am
some like it hot. >> i'm sugar cane. >> it used to be sugar can a yon a -- i will see you around. >> bye. >> we have been playing with the wrong band. >> liquor cabinet. >> one false move and they will toss the train. need the papers and mob in chicago. >> boy, would i love to borrow a cup of that sugar. >> bill: great movie that was named the funniest movie of all times by the american film institute. what movie was number two? >> tootsy is the answer. dustin hoffman: you won without cheating why at the end would do you that? did you do the thing with maccallum's dress? did you do that? yes, they did. maccallum changed. she changed. >> there it is.
5:54 am
>> bill: bieber fever on the >> bill: bieber fever on the news quiz and cindy sheehan is i'm hugh jidette. as president, i promise your taxes will help build roads, bridges and schools. oh not here, overseas. i'll keep using your taxes to pay over one hundred billion dollars a year in interest to foreign lends, helping their economy. hurting ours. i'm hugh jidette, let's keep borrowing. oweno, let's not. with a plan we can stop sending billions to foreign lenders,
5:55 am
grow our economy and meet our needs. visit to stop hugh jidette. . >> bill: tonight the great american news quiz. here we are the epitome of brilliance. very easy first question. teen idol justin bieber was dawn into a political controversy this week after appearance on the show "csi" which seemed to disparage what group: which did bieber disparage? cards up please. roll the tape. >> we stopped playing their game! paying our taxes that pay for their failures. >> bill: i don't get the haircut on the kid.
5:56 am
>> leave it to bieber! >> i'm sorry. >> bill: question number two minor controversy on "dancing with the stars" when some thought sarah palin had been booed by the audience. >> you need to support them now. call, text, there is booing we don't know why. all right everybody. >> thank you brooke i'm here with sarah palin. >> bill: abc later denied the audience was book governor palin they say the -- was booing governor palin. they say the crowd was booing whom? cards up please! the answer is the judges, correct. i gave you two easy ones. let us segue into the difficult. far left person cindy sheehan
5:57 am
is back in the news. this time she says she is out as a 9/11 truther. who does she think is responsible for the attack? roll the tape
5:58 am
. >> bill: michael douglas recently revealed he is fighting cancer. what kind of cancer does he have? >> bill: the answer is throat cancer, correct. we wish mr. douglas the best. >> i saw the movie. >> bill: did you pay to see it? >> yes! >> bill: it is a tie, right? here's the -- this is the tie breaker. some of america's most popular ice cream companies have been told to stop labeling their ice cream all natural because it now contains article
5:59 am
official ingredients. what is the name of the ice cream company that has to stop it? the answer is ben & jerry's correct. where is it located? >> vermont. >> bill: what town? >> burlington. >> bill: that is it for us tonight. that was fun, want it? the spin stops here, because we are definitely looking out we are definitely looking out for you. >> good morning to you. it is friday, december 24th. merry christmas eve, everyone. i'm ainsley earhardt. millions of americans are headed to the airport this morning. there's a new terror warning for you we need to tell you about. will there be what the -- what


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